Elsevier Weekblad(English)

Elsevier Weekblad is the largest weekly news magazine in the Netherlands, helping to shape opinions and promoting topical debate in the fields of economics, politics, finance, science and culture in particular. Fiercely independent and famed for its sceptical investigation of facts and popular arguments, the magazine targets a professional audience who form the working backbone of the Netherlands.

  • Elsevier Weekblad is the largest news magazine in the Netherlands.
  • Elsevier Weekblad has an extensive multimedia portfolio including website, e-newsletters, mobile site and apps for iOS and Android.
  • Elsevier Weekblad is aimed at financial, commercial and technical managers, independent entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals.
  • All 50 volumes of Elsevier, from 1891 to 1940, are free and available online at www.elseviermaandschrift.nl. The digital archive from 1945 is available for subscribers only.